Salvus Payment Solutions can provide your business with cost-effective electronic payment services and equipment. Simply contact Salvus Payment Solutions at (720) 629-0590 to get the process started! An application is part of the sign-up procedure. The information needed to complete the application is: company name and address, owner name and address, federal tax ID, owner’s social security number, and a voided check.

Salvus Payment Solutions has an application process that simply takes a few minutes. Once the application is processed, set-up takes two or less days to complete.

Contact your representative during normal business hours for assistance. Outside of normal business hours contact our 24/7 technical/customer support at 1-800-858-1166.

Accepting credit and debit cards can increase your sales revenue. Credit and debit card acceptance is one of the best ways to improve average balances and profitability at your business.

Yes. We have one of the highest approval rates in the industry.

All financial institutions charge an interchange fee. These fees are calculated by combining a percentage of total sales amounts with a fixed fee per transaction. The type and average monthly number of transactions processed will determine your organization’s transaction fees. Salvus Payment Solutions will evaluate your sales volume and payment trends and recommend an electronic processing program that best meets your needs.

Visa®, MasterCard® and Discover® sales are normally deposited into your checking account within 24 – 48 hours. American Express® deposits funds within three to five days.

Salvus Payment Solutions brokers only with registered ISO/MSP’s, those ISO/MSP’s wire the Visa® and MasterCard® funds into your checking account.

Yes, Salvus Payment Solutions will sign you up for Discover® and American Express® along with Visa® and MasterCard®.

Yes. If you’re unhappy with current rates or the quality of service, you have the right to explore other processing vendors. Please give Salvus Payment Solutions a call today to explore cost-effective electronic payment services backed by dedicated customer support, honesty and the utmost integrity in the industry.

Usually not. Salvus Payment Solutions can reprogram most terminal types and software to work with our electronic payment solutions. If you don’t currently have a terminal, we offer many types and models of cost-effective equipment for purchase or lease.

No. The credit card machine can be plugged into any existing telephone line or internet line. The credit card machine will only be in use for five to seven seconds when it is authorizing a card. If you have call waiting, the telephone will ring once the credit card machine hangs up.